Pinzzeta has work relations with hundreds of high tech organizations, from entrepreneurs who are in the process of constructing a startup, through startups who are in various development stages all the way to global large scaled corporations. Additionally, we work directly with investors, venture capital and technological incubators.

Within our clients, we work with companies who work in a variety of business fields such as: Data Security, Image Processing, Games, Algo-Trading, Communication, Mobile, Data storage and Management, Semiconductors, Medical Devices, Internet and Application Development. We carry out placements to various technological positions and different business oriented positions in the software development field in all organizational levels such as: Software/Hardware Engineers, Test Engineers, Product Managers, Development Managers, System Personnel, Researchers, Marketing Managers and Business Developers. Our expertise is within the technological field, thus that even if the position available has a management or a business characteristic, our initial focus would be on candidates with technological experience.