front end- developer
front end- developer REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS * Expert knowledge in pure JavaScript (and not only frameworks). • Expert in building heavy web apps using modern frameworks and methodologies, especially React.js (or other vDOM engines). • Expert knowledge with modern HTML5 and CSS3 * Experience developing responsive websites using modern layout techniques. * Experience with CSS preprocessors (LESS/SASS) and scaffolding frameworks (Bootstrap/Foundation/Susy/etc.) * Passion for the latest open-source projects, in all fields of development. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS * Experience with modern front-end workflow tools (webpack/broccoli/gulp/etc). * 1+ years Node.js or equivalent backend development experience (Ruby on Rails, Python, Meteor.js, PHP) * Experience building a web site or a mobile application that people use, from scratch. * Familiarity or experience working with cutting edge standards: ES6/7, FRP, Rx.js. * Rich experience working in TDD and increasing code coverage