Front End Developer
FRONT END DEVELOPR Requirements: •5 years of web development experience •Experience in building responsive, high-performance, single-page applications with AngularJS •Scalable client-side architecture knowledge and best practices • Deep understanding of JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS, Backbone etc.) •Experience with CSS3, HTML5 and responsive design •A proactive, team player who is creative and works well in a fast-paced environment Advantages: •Experience in C# -ASP.NET, Ruby, Scala or Python •SASS/SCSS with Compass or Bourbon •A deep understanding of JavaScript objects and object-oriented software design, including object inheritance with the prototype chain •An understanding of widely used design patterns in JavaScript development, such as: MVC, PubSub, Modules (AMD), Factory, etc. •Understanding of core JavaScript concepts such as: Prototypes, Duck typing, Closures, Scopes, Strict mode, etc.