Leading Backend Developer
An A/B testing platform for app icons and screenshots designed for different marketplaces is looking for a Leading Backend Developer. Minimum qualifications: - BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience. - At least 5 years work experience in software development. - Experience in more than one programming language. - Experience in at least one major cloud services provider (Google app engine, Amazon, etc’). Preferred qualifications: - Strong knowledge of Web standards and protocols, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS and HTTP. - Advanced knowledge and experience in python programming (including unit testing), Django framework, Jinja2 & webapp2, Javascript (e.g. AngularJS, jQuery - including unit testing), SQL and NoSQL database systems (e.g. MondoDB, Google Datastore, Google Cloud SQL). - Advanced experience with Google app engine and other Google cloud and API services (e.g. Google Compute Engine, Google Container Engine, Big Query, Google Storage).