Electronics Engineer for Development
A company that Designs and builds Solar power facilities is looking for an Electronics Engineer for Development. Requirements for Position: •Degree in electronics engineering. •Experience of at least five years in the following fields: •Experience in industrial oversight and PCB design. •Experience in characterization, design, development, testing, and running of integrated software-hardware applications based on microprocessors. •Familiarity with production procedures and performance of audits for manufacturers. •Familiarity with laboratory equipment and performance of laboratory testing and issuance of suitable reports. •Knowledge and experience in the topics of communications (the various types of wired, RS485, Ethernet, as well as wireless), hardware and protocols. •Realization of systems according to specifications/ requirements, experience in orderly English writing of requirements, specifications, HLD. •Experience working with external designers and consultants, and with subcontractors and manufacturers. •Familiarity with the topic of standardization, including relevant tests at external laboratories (FCC, EMC, UL, MIL, IPC, ISO, ROHS). •Guidance through quality and reliability testing processes (Environmental, ALT, HALT). •English on a very good level (speaking, reading, writing). •Readiness to travel abroad for field support or work meetings. •Readiness for travel to and support at the company site in Dimona.