Senior Security & DevOps engineer
A startup that develops a fully automated fraud-prevention platform is looking for a Senior Security & DevOps engineer. Stuff you’ll need: - Deep knowledge in Linux and at least one open source NoSQL product. - Fluent Bash & Python skills. - Experience with AWS or other public clouds. - Security experience: secure infrastructure, data privacy and access management, breach protection, DDoS mitigation and security threat analysis. - Experience in compliance processes (PCI, SOC2 or similar). - Ability to work with management and our customer’s security groups. - Ability to make up at least 3 new Chuck Norris jokes (Chuck Norris wrote his own data security platform. It’s called “Chuck Norris.”) We’d love it if you have: - Experience in architecting a disaster recovery solution. - Experience in choosing and working with security vendors. - Experience with deployment automation and config management. - Experience with advanced monitoring tools (Riemann/Elasticsearch/Kibana). - Guitar-playing skills (or any other musical instrument for that matter, we’re starting a band).