Technical Communicator
A company that focuses on striking down targeted cyber threats is looking for a Technical Communicator. Job requirements: - Experience in documenting client/server systems. - Ability to simplify complex technical information for target audiences. - Experience in all the phases of delivering professional communication, including designing, writing, review planning, and production. - Committed and highly reliable in meeting documentation requirements and deadlines. Skills: - At least 5 years’ experience in documenting installation, implementation, configuration, SDKs, preferably in a highly technical software company environment. - Good technical understanding including knowledge of client/server and web technology. - Excellent Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat skills. - Experience with Madcap Flare - an advantage! - Knowledge of information design, presentation of data, language conventions, and communication principles. Ability and willingness to: - Achieve objectives - Respond with flexibility to changing priorities - Experience in content reuse methods, e.g. Madcap Flare - Experience with Agile methodology - an advantage!